Who is mint?

Well, actually, my name is Gemstone Pyrus, a smol fox and a mint extraordinaire. I made this website out of pure boredom and I only know the bare basics of HTML with the assistance of a WYSIWYG editor. Fun stuff! Maybe one day I'll also know the bare basics of CSS and spice up this site, but in the meantime, enjoy the bare white background, plain text and images. You already know what I look like from the index page, so yeah. I can also be a dog sometimes.


As it would turn out, I have one beast of a machine!

Brand: Hewlett-Packard

OS: Windows 98 Second Edition

CPU: Pentium III

GPU: 3dfx Voodoo3

RAM: 256 megabytes

Optical drive: 40x IDE CD-ROM drive

Sound card: Sound Blaster Live!

Speakers: Two cheap, tinny, off-brand beige speakers :( Spent all of my money on all this beast hardware

Y2K compliant baybeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Actual Specifications!

Brand: My own, because I built this PC myself! The case did come from iBuyPower though

OS: Windows 10 (I'm never updating to Windows 11 for as long as I'm able to.)

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600


RAM: 32 gigabytes

Optical Drive: Some Blu-Ray drive!

Sound card: Comes built into the motherboard!

Speakers: Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Definitely Y2K compliant! I don't know about Y32K though :thinking: